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The Green Spring Hunter Trials will be held Sunday, October 27 at the Kennels.

Prize Lists will be available shortly.

Volunteers are needed to help with this fundraising event. Please contact Amy, Shockey or Whit if you can help for all or part of the day.

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The GSV Hunter Trials is the last jewel in the brand new $1,000 Hunter Trial Triple Crown
Presented by Farm Credit!

$1,000 Hunter Trial Triple Crown
Award Conditions
The Hundred Acre Field Hunter Trials, October 13, 2019
Elkridge Harford Hunter Trials, October 20, 2019
Green Spring Valley Hounds Hunter Trials, October 27, 2019
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2018 Hunter Trials Prize List Below: 2019 will be posted ASAP

Green Spring Valley Hounds

Hunter Trial Green and Low Course Map
Hunter Trials Green and Low Course Reverse Map

CLASS 2 – GREEN HUNTER -reversed course 
CLASS 3 – GREEN HUNTER MASTER’S CLASS- Entries will follow the Field Master as a group over approximately 12 fences. First and second place finishers in Classes 1 and 2 pay no entry fee.

Green is defined as a horse that has not hunted a full season 

Hunter Trial Green and Low Course Map

Approximately 2’6” 

CLASS 4 - LOW PAIRS -Last fence to be jumped abreast.
CLASS 5-  LOW JUNIOR HUNTER -open to riders 18 and under



Hunter Trials Regular Course Map
Hunter Trials Regular Course Reversed Map
Hunter Trials Regular Course Short Map

Approximately 3" -3’6”

CLASS 8-  GARY BLACK STAKES – Course TBD 500.00 cash prize to the winner. 
CLASS 9-  JUNIOR HUNTER -open to riders 18 and under 
CLASS 10 –ADULT HUNTER- reversed course. Open to riders over 18.
CLASS 11 - PAIRS - Last fence to be jumped abreast. CLASS 12- HUNT TEAMS -  Last fence to be jumped abreast.
                                Teams are 3 horses*
                               *Teams with more than 3 riders may go but will not be judged.

The Katherine Jenkins High Point Perpetual Trophy
will be awarded to the GSVH member that accumulates the most points on the day. 

New Courses for 2018  
20.00 per class 
Contact Amy Fenwick 410-382-5348 with any questions
Food will be available on the grounds

Conditions & Prizes

Horses must be hunting sound. No schooling is allowed over the course, schooling fences will be provided. Each rider must sign a release prior to riding. All dogs must remain on a leash at all times
ENTRY FEES: $20.00 per horse per class. All post entries.