Writings on Hunting

By Phineas Westerlund

Hunting with G.S.V.H.C., is for some, a passion. Especially for the whip, the huntsmen, and the kennel men. But, for the people that are chasing the hounds like a dog chasing a squirrel, it’s a sort of scary fun. It’s like playing a game of hide and seek. You chase your fox scent and when somebody sees the fox they scream, “tally ho!” Sometimes you don’t see the fox. But, we trust the hounds to find that fox. The horses charge through streams, bushes, and race on even though they are tired.

Hunting makes me happy that I can ride a horse.

By Hal Westerlund

The Fox Hunting Poem

As the hounds go to cover, excitement fills the air.
My horse is tense, and is waiting for the horn.
I sit gingerly as I hear the horn blow throughout the valley.
As we follow the master, the horses take off.
I know there is no stopping now.

We approach a fence but cleanly clear it.
As we charge up a hill, the fox is in our sights.
Everyone shouts,”Tally-Ho!" as we chase it through the woods.
We finally catch up but, it has gone to ground.
I feel as if it was only 30 seconds but an hour has passed.
We blow the horn and go back to our trailers.
Tired and happy, today was a successful day of hunting