Cubbing Camp

This camp is for children and adults. Participants should be able to canter comfortably under control in a group on a suitable mount. There will be a non-jumping group.

A welcome trail ride on Sunday morning to see if mounts are suitable followed by a pot luck dinner at the hunt club and tour of the kennels. Then two mornings of Cubbing, a Monday and Wednesday.*

*subject to change


Non-Member Participants $50
mounted juniors on road with fox hounds
Photo Credit: Anne Litz
juniors gathered around and petting a foxhound
Photo Credit: Anne Litz
green spring valley fox hounds standing on or next to a roll top fence
Photo Credit: Anne Litz


On Sunday, we will have a trail ride that shows off our country and work on etiquette and proper control. On cubbing mornings, you will need to be mounted and ready by 6:15 am. Hounds will leave at 6:30 am.

Hounds will stay out approximately 2 hours depending on weather and scent. Make sure your mount is in proper condition.

There will be Breakfast after hunting on both days, with staff available for questions.


Britches, jodhpurs or chaps with proper riding boots and a subdued shirt with a collar. A helmet with a chin strap is mandatory and gloves highly recommended. A properly adjusted standing martingale and a stronger bit than you normally use are also strongly suggested and should be used on Sunday’s ride as well as hunting. Put a red ribbon in the tail of any horse or pony that might kick.

Weather Conditions

In case of pouring rain, thunder, or lightning, we will make a decision and email you by 5:30 am if there is a change. If we cancel, camp will be the following morning. If it rains or is extremely hot on Sunday, we may change the time of the ride.

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