Pony Camp

For more than 50 years, Pony Camp has been developing young riders into lifelong horsemen capable of riding both in and out of the ring. Camp is geared to all genders, ages 6+ who ride now.

The goal is to further an interest in all equine sports with an emphasis on foxhunting, pony racing, and riding cross country.

Proceeds benefit the Green Spring Valley Hounds.

Program Focus:

Child riding and hugging a pony at pony camp
Photo credit: Elizabeth VonEiff-Paternotte
group of young riders on horses standing at a steeplechase fence
Photo credit: Elizabeth VonEiff-Paternotte

Important Information

This is a two week camp. The format has proven successful in fostering the best results that create “Pony Camp Magic.” We have found that the current structure uses skills learned in the first week for special events in the second week, as the final day is Hunter Trials. Therefore, while one-week campers are permitted, priority will go to returning campers, and those enrolling for two weeks.

Space will be limited to ensure each camper receives personalized attention and instruction. Past camps have sold out, so early sign-up is strongly encouraged. You are not considered enrolled until a deposit has been received.

All ponies and horses stay at the GSVH club. Field board is included in the cost of the camp. Stalls are available for a daily fee. Ship in/ship out will not be permitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Campers must furnish their own pony or horse. Occasionally, ponies are available to lease or borrow. Contact one of the organizers if you need a pony.

Safety is the primary consideration, both for the individual and others around him or her. Our experience has been that ponies are usually better suited to camp, however horses are permitted. Suitability will be determined by the directors. Please note that “switching” mounts during Pony Camp for reasons other than behavior or soundness is discouraged. Pony Camp is not the place to “try” a pony.

Children MUST be able to post when trotting with control in and outside of the ring. Note: this does not apply to junior campers, who should be comfortable at the walk in a small ring.

Many ponies are on maintenance medications which can be given by the staff at the stable (for those on board) or by the Camp directors or counselors. GSVH Pony Camp does not condone use of tranquilizers during camp. While special circumstances may necessitate an exception, if pony needs to be drugged for 10 days of Pony Camp then it is probably not the right pony/child combination.

Ponies will be turned out at the Club at no extra cost. There is a mares’ field and a geldings’ field. For safety reasons, no hind shoes are allowed. Ponies with hind shoes must be kept in a stall and board paid (see Registration Form.)

A limited number of stalls are available. Ponies that have rear shoes will need to be in a stall. Also, ponies that are hard to catch might benefit from being in a stall. Stall board is $33 per day. To request stall board, call Kerry Morton at 443-613-7394 to reserve a stall as soon as possible. A stall is not included in the tuition and will be billed separately.

Ponies are turned out with water, etc. If a pony requires extra grain it is the Camper’s responsibility to feed their own pony. In the morning at tack up time or later in the afternoon at the end of the camp day usually work. Ponies on stall board will receive full care. Campers are responsible for a.m. grooming.

A negative Coggins test within 12 months must be presented. Recent tetanus shot & flu vaccinations are recommended. The attached release must be signed.

Children should provide their own lunch and a drink each day. A check list is provided below. Please mark all clothing and equipment clearly for identification.

Casual riding attire is fine. Chaps and half chaps are acceptable. Safety vests are encouraged.

It is your responsibility to be sure your child’s pony is in condition for camp, even if it is a borrowed pony. The pony should be fit enough to be ridden in and out of the ring for 2 hours each day for five days in a row for two weeks in the heat of the summer. The older your pony is the more he needs to be ridden ahead of the camp. Your pony will be much happier and healthier and your child will have more fun. Please note: Tack must be in good, safe condition, and properly fitted or your child will not be permitted to ride.

  • No parents allowed in the barn during camp. This is so campers can become independent and to promote collaboration between campers and counselors.
  • No campers in the barn after 8:30 A.M. (except those with ponies on stall board). This is so the staff can attend to their duties.
  • One pony/horse per camper. It may be necessary to “swap out” ponies during the course of the two weeks, but no camper should have more than one pony at a time.

It is much easier for all if parents bring ponies and equipment on the Sunday afternoon before camp (June 19th). There will be a picnic after the “move in” on Sunday, June 19th for introductions and orientation.

smiling child on pony at pony camp
Photo credit: Elizabeth VonEiff-Paternotte

Tuition & Fees

2 Weeks $1200
1 Week $675
Non-Refundable Deposit $150
Late Fee (after May 1, 2023) $50
Stall Boarding
Contact Kerry Morton: 443-613-7394
Contact Adair Stifel: 410-299-0006
group of children on horses jumping log in field at pony camp
Photo credit: Carol Fenwick

How to Register